Donor and Gift Services

Donor and Gift Services provides an end-to-end spectrum of service that picks up from the point of donor solicitation and follows a gift through processing and acceptance, fund creation and management, and donor acknowledgement and recognition. It has delegated authority to accept gifts on behalf of the UC Berkeley Foundation and the UC Regents, has administrative responsibility for all private charitable contributions to UC Berkeley, representing cash and pledges of approximately $400 million annually, and manages approximately 12,000 active current use, capital and endowed gift funds. As an active advocate for donor interest, Donor and Gift Services manages an array of programs that acknowledge and recognize donors in meaningful ways, report to them on the impact of their philanthropy, and engage them with the campus.

​What We Do

  • Fund Management works with campus units and financial staff to ensure funds are properly set-up so that gifts and endowment payments are distributed correctly.  In addition, Fund Management ensures that gifts and endowment payout are spent according to donor intent and sends annual stewardship and endowment financial reports to fund donors.
    Need help with such things as establishing a new fund, fund distributions, fund stewardship reports, terms, pledges or just general questions about funds? 
  • Donor Recognition manages the acknowledgement programs for the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor University Development and Alumni Relations, and the campus-wide annual, lifelong and loyal donor recognition programs. The team produces the personalized donor annual giving report as well as the honor rolls published in the Annual Report of Philanthropy.
    Need help with the Charter Hill Society, Berkeley Loyal or an Annual Giving Report?  
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Contact Us

Matthew Weaver
Director, Gift Services, Donor and Gift Services
Allison De Gros
Director, Fund Management, Donor and Gift Services
Katherine Galli-Kreps
Director, Donor Recognition, Donor and Gift Services
Nancy McKinney
Executive Director, Donor and Gift Services